Why Your Character’s Clothes are Important

Celestial Kitchenware

One of my least favorite aspects of writing is deciding what my characters are wearing.

Although I have definite preferences about what I put on my own body, I don’t usually notice what the people in my life are wearing. Heck, I didn’t even know what color my now-fiance’s eyes were until we’d been dating for three months–that’s how unobservant I am. Constructing outfits for my characters is painful. Half the time, all I can think of is…”pants…? A…shirt? With…buttons? And…shoes…?” Not the most enlightening description, I know.

For a long time, I thought it didn’t matter. I thought that what a person chose to put on their body was always incidental, and that detailing it could only disrupt, not enhance, a story. Talking to one of my closest friends, Carla, an aspiring fashion designer as well as a talented writer, helped me to see how a character’s clothes can…

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