Changing the Media

Sarah Kendzior

Yesterday I did an “Ask Me Anything” with the site Wiselike and got a lot of interesting questions. One of them, on problems with the US media, was widely circulated yesterday but requires a log-in today, so I’m reposting it here:

If you could change how media is done in the States, what would you change?

Hi Sarah thanks for doing this AMA and I noticed that you write about media. I wanted to know what you thought about how media coverage is done because whatever media is covering- those are the issues people care about.

Oh man. Thanks for the question. This answer may go on for awhile. To start:

1) Publish less and pay writers more. We are drowning in a sea of crap. That is nothing new. The media was a sea of crap in the 1990s, but what is unique about our era is that…

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