Tired of Talking To Men

Useful for those of us who identify as men.

The Belle Jar

I am tired of talking about feminism to men.

I know that I’m not supposed to say this. I know that as a good little third-wave feminist I’m supposed to sweetly explain to you how much I love and value men. I’m supposed to trot out my husband of nearly five years, my son, all of my male friends and relatives and display them as a sort of badge of honour, proof that I am not a man-hater. I’m supposed to hold out my own open palms, prove to you how harmless I am, how nice I am. Above all, I’m supposed to butter you up, you men, stroke your egos, tell you how very important you are in the fight for equality. This is the right way to go about it, or so I’ve been told. As my mother would say, you catch more flies with honey.

But still…

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We Have Known Boys (But None Have Been Bullet-Proof).

Stacia L. Brown

Image Jordan Davis (1995-2012)

I have known black boys, known them in airless classrooms where the scent of their too-strong cologne worked overtime masking the cling of their sweat to skin and hormones. And I have known their scratching, grabbing, tugging at the belt loops of too-big pants, have involuntarily memorized the plaids and imprints on their boxers.

I have known boys like underripe fruit, a pit of eventual sweetness at the core of them, encased in a bitter pulp, toughening from too little tending or underexposure to light. I have watched them become principles in death when they were not finished learning what it would mean to be principled in life.

I have known them nursing dreams with slimming odds of realization, heard them reasoning with the wardens behind their private walls, scraping at the doors some white man’s stubborn shoulder intended to force closed.

Listen. You have heard them…

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Brainwashing Woody

Excremental Virtue: Lili Loofbourow's Big Face of Pretended Learning

Well, Woody Allen’s statement is out. As expected, it aims to depict Mia Farrow as a deceitful, manipulative, hate-mongering witch who brainwashed his children. His case, as he frames it, rests largely on the assertion that she is a liar and he tells the truth. To prove that he is not a liar, he cites the fact that he took a lie detector test (though not the one the Connecticut State Police asked him to take). Mia, he says, refused. The implication is that one is a liar and the other is not.

I’ve avoided writing about this case because it’s so terribly sad, and plenty of good stuff has already been written (I recommend this and this). But I’ve been driven to add yet another piece to the flood by something that seems to me to have been overlooked so far, namely, the surprising fact that Mia…

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“You can’t do that! Stories have to be about White people”

Media Diversified

Young Writers of Colour

byDarren Chetty

I’ve spent almost two decades teaching in English primary schools, which serve multiracial, multicultural, multifaith communities. I want to explore two things I have noticed.

1)    Almost without exception, whenever children are asked to write a story in school, children of colour will write a story featuring white characters with ‘traditional’ English names who speak English as a first language.

2)    Teachers do not discuss this phenomenon.

Furthermore, simply pointing these two things out can lead to some angry responses in my experience.

Why are you making an issue of race when children are colourblind?”

is an example of the sort of question that sometimes gets asked.

Well let’s look at that. If children were writing stories where the race of characters was varied and random, there might be some merit in claiming that children are colourblind. However, even proponents of racial colourblindness…

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Q.U.E.E.N, A Feminist Anthem?

Media Diversified

by Shane Thomas

I first heard of Monae when she guested on the Outkast song, “Call the Law”, from their most recent (and probably final) album, Idlewild. It was a track that I enjoyed, and put Monae in that radar of pop-culture trivia knowledge that might one day come in useful at a pub quiz.

However, the 2011 Glastonbury Festival took her out of that somewhat disrespectful place in my consciousness. For those not in the know, Glastonbury is Britain’s highest profile music festival, and one of the BBC’s main televisual events of the year. Their scope is fairly comprehensive, with a substantive amount of coverage from the three primary stages of the event.

At this time, Janelle had not long released her debut album, The ArchAndroid. And at the aforementioned Glastonbury Festival, she showcased the album. The timeslot and stage she was given was not high-profile…

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Hugo Schwyzer Was Sleeping With His Students All Along

Early this morning Pasadena City College history instructor and internet-famous male feminist Hugo Schwyzer, who has been conducting a slow-motion self-immolation all summer, interrupted his online hiatus to offer yet another admission of wrongdoing.

This one is likely the most significant yet.

In a brief middle-of-the-night blogpost, Schwyzer admitted that a pseudonymous accusation posted on Tumblr a few days ago was true, and that he has been conducting sexual relationships with students for more than five years:

“Until recently, I maintained that I had stopped having sex with students enrolled in my classes in 1998. That is not true; I started sleeping with students again in 2008, well before my psychiatric breakdown of earlier this year.

I have no intention of naming names or of discussing numbers, save to say that the allegations “Meagan” makes are true and that I did indeed have sex with more than one adult…

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Police thwarted by goat stuck on roof who ‘only respects one man’

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